TENAK LabLogger

Plug/play temperature monitoring for any Lab

Easy installation, ease of use, extended features and scalable



It has never been easier to install a temperature monitoring system for professional laboratory use. The TENAK LabLogger is a wireless sensor system to monitor temperatures ranging from -200°C to +85°C.

With the TENAK LabLogger you have online access to your real time data and you can manage alarm set points, share information, show temp. curves and you have an easy overview of all your connected equipment.

Easy installation


Connect the LabBird
to the internet

Step 2

Pair the LabLogger
with the LabBird

Step 3

Signup and you are
now monitoring

Ease of use

No heavy user administration is needed

TENAK Mylog is a secure online based service and you have your private login at:
Mylog can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.

What you need

All you need to start monitoring temperature is a internet connection,
one LabBird, one LabLogger and a login to

Where to use

any application

The TENAK LabLogger is intended for applications with temperatures ranging from -200°C to ambient, but can be used in any application where temperature has to be monitored or logged.