Transport case

Use the TENAK LabLogger as a “smart automated stand alone” temperature logger for your samples when in transit.

Use the TENAK LabLogger as a “smart automated stand alone” temperature logger for your samples when in transit. 

When shipping your samples simple place the TENAK LabLogger together with the samples for temperature above -30°C. For low temperature samples place a PT100/PT1000 probe with the samples and connect the probe to the TENAK LabLogger. The LabLogger is now logging and ready to be shipped. There is no need for special set-up or changing settings. 

The LabLogger simply, when outside of reach of a LabBird, automatically starts logging temperature data and storing it locally. When the LabLogger again is within reach of a LabBird in your network, all the logged data is automatically uploaded to your log at 

This gives you an easy -to -use tool to document, the samples temperature condition during transport. If used with a PT100/PT1000 probe the TENAK LabLogger will also log the ambient temperature and humidity inside the shipping box.

The LabLogger has a build in sensor memory that can store information logged during more than 70 hours or 1024 measuring points. 

If working at multiple locations, you can install a LabBird in each location as a “docking station”. You can have numerous “floating” LabLoggers which automatically upload data when within reach of a LabBird. This gives you a second to none solution to surveil and documenting the continues sample temperature. 

No other temperature logger offers such an easy and care free operation. There is no need for local installed software and manual readout and upload of data. Just send the LabLogger with your samples and everything else will be handled automatically. This is truly something that all employees can handle, even without any training.


What you need

All you need to start monitoring temperature is a internet connection,
one LabBird, one LabLogger and a login to