Cold Room

The temperature inside your Laboratory Cold room can very easily be Monitor and logged in real time, using  the TENAK LabLogger.

The temperature inside your Laboratory Cold room can very easily be monitored and logged in real time, using  the TENAK LabLogger. 

Depending on the temperature of your cold room, you should either use the LabLogger alone or in connection with an external PT100/PT1000 sensor. 

If the temperature is above -30°C , there is no need for an external PT100/PT1000 sensor. The LabLogger can be placed directly inside the Cold Room and will monitor temperature and humidity. If the temperature is below -30°C, the LabLogger shall be placed outside the Cold room and connected to a PT100/PT1000 sensor on the inside. (Plug and play connection with the PT100/PT1000 converter for the LabLogger).

All data, whether it is coming from the external sensor or the build in, will be logged in real time to your login at 

Easily set-up alarms and insures the quality and integrity of your valuable samples. will notify you by email if the temperature is changing and conditions vary outside the thresholds specified by you. 

The TENAK LabLogger is ideal for documenting that your samples are stored at the most optimal temperature and securing that your cold room is always performing.

Add a door contact to your cold room and make sure that no one leaves the room with an open door. With the door contact in place, you can get a notification when a door is open for a longer duration than what you have specified. 

Every time the door open and closes, it will be logged in Mylog for documentation purposes. Use the report overlay in Mylog and get valuable knowledge about the connection between door open time and the temperature development.


What you need

All you need to start monitoring temperature is a internet connection,
one LabBird, one LabLogger and a login to