How it Works

It has never been easier to install a temperature monitoring system for professional laboratory use. The TENAK LabLogger is a wireless sensor system to monitor temperatures ranging from -200°C to +85°C.

The LabLogger will monitor the ambient temperature and humidity. The LabLogger can be placed directly in f.ex. a refrigerator or freezer, in temperatures down to -30°C, and it will monitor the inside temperature and humidity.

When used with an external PT100/PT1000 probe or a door contact the LabLogger will monitor the ambient temperature, humidity as well as the data from the external probe.

The communication between the LabBird and the LabLogger is wireless and operate via radiofrequency which makes the indoor range 2-3 times longer than when using WIFI. The outdoor range is up to 950 meter.

With the TENAK LabLogger you have online access to your real time data via Here you can manage alarm set points, share information, show temp. curves and you have an easy overview of all your connected equipment.

It has never been easier to monitor temperatures.

Create your own network

Data from the LabLoggers are send via the LabBird to Mylog through any internet connection. Up to 100 LabLoggers can be connected to One LabBird. More LabBirds can be connected in your network if you need to monitor more units in a larger premises or in multiple locations.


What you need

All you need to start monitoring temperature is a internet connection,
one LabBird, one LabLogger and a login to